Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

We provide the most advanced live view security trailers on the market.

Easily secure anything anywhere with our mobile security trailers, and camera mounts. Setting up the mobile security unit is easy and can be done in minutes. Once your unit of choice is set up, you’ll have instant access to live surveillance streams through our platform.

The mobile security platform is intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use. This platform makes it easy to track thermal signatures, monitor analytics, adjust camera angles, manage alerts, and even adjust the unit’s sounds and lights. All you have to do is log in from any web-enabled device and you’re good to go.

Data archival, customization, and system health monitoring. With the mobile security platform, you have the power to build your own analytics and make sure your units are performing as they should be.

Around the Clock Surveillance

Having a live security camera is like having your own security team, only better. Our cameras don’t blink, they don’t take breaks, and they can alert you and the authorities in a heartbeat when an alarm is triggered.

Whether you’re securing a chain of retail stores or city property, the mobile security unit has what you need to protect your people and your assets. Contact a security expert today to learn more about our custom security solutions.

A standard security camera requires adequate lighting to capture useful footage, but even then, it’s not always easy to spot an intruder wearing the right camouflage. Low light technology such as thermal imaging and infrared bypasses these conditions.

No threat to your security can hide from a thermal imaging or infrared camera (IR). Stay one step ahead of would-be intruders with LiveView Technologies’ low light tech.

Mobile Security Cameras Deployed in 30 Minutes.

Who has time for a difficult install and a complicated surveillance platform? Not us. And certainly not you. Our dependable mobile surveillance units make it easier than ever to protect your assets. Our dependable mobile surveillance trailers make it easier than ever to protect your assets.

  • Installation in less than 30 minutes
  • No wires, power, or internet required
  • Remote access wherever you are

Secure your perimeter with our world-class hardware and control it all with our powerful surveillance software. Discover how the mobile security trailer gives you remote access to all of your live footage, cameras, and hardware.

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