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Office Cabling

Solutions for Creating a Robust and Reliable Cable Network for Your Business

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With a meticulous approach, our experienced technicians expertly design and implement cabling solutions that optimize data flow, enhance communication, and reduce clutter.

Before we begin a project, it is important to know a few additional important things.

  • Does it have a drop ceiling?
  • Is it a modern office structure?
  • Does it have hollow office walls?
  • Is the drop ceiling also serving as a (plenum) air return?
  • How many total drops?
  • How are they distributed to wall plates as single, double, triple, and quad drops?

Our technicians use the Qualification Tester to certify new and existing cables for compliance. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we warranty all of our work. If you are planning to move your existing voice or network cable system or install a new one, Prem-Tech would like to show you the most cost-effective way.

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