Access Control

Access Control

Solutions for Monitoring and Restricting Key Access Points

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Even the smallest business can experience hassles with who has the keys to your business. Rather than worrying about keys or having to change the locks every time an employee resigns, you can easily control who has access to your facility and when with an access control system.

With a keycard or fob or biometrics, you can quickly and easily determine who can enter your business and who can’t. You can also provide scheduled access for the cleaning crew after hours or for employees during working hours. Get card access reports to see who has come into your business for the month and how often. Unlike keys, access control cards & fobs can’t be duplicated. It’s perfect for small businesses.

  • Cloud based/hosted applications
  • Vehicle tagging
  • Multi-technology cards
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Gate access
  • Biometric, swipe proximity, & smart credential options
  • Badging
Access control systems are security procedures that limit access to a location, such as buildings, rooms, and campuses.
Access control systems are security procedures that limit access to a location, such as buildings, rooms, and campuses.

Access control combines hardware and software to control the entry points of a property. The entry point can be doors, gates, elevators, or another physical barrier where granting access can electronically rely on users.

In general, access control systems must have a control panel that will work as the main computer, an electric lock, and a reader. Entry system readers include keypads, credentials, card readers, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), biometric fingerprints, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, or face recognition technology, to gain access to the restricted areas.

Door access control systems offer a convenient way to secure a location, replacing the need for keys or security guards. Traditional front door locks are being rapidly swapped by these systems, with the bonus of reducing costs while increasing security. Today’s most popular ones are biometric door access control systems and RFID access control systems. Access control installations are determined by the system’s capabilities and components. It integrates access control software, a user database, management tools, and locking hardware.

A Prem-Tech control technician can help with installation, maintenance, and repair of each one of the system’s components. We can also supply integrated access control systems with extensive product selections, from controllers to software packages.

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