Los Angeles, CA Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

We provide quick-install live view security trailers for LA job sites.

Safeguard your Los Angeles, CA work site effortlessly with our mobile security trailers and camera equipment. Setting up the mobile security unit is uncomplicated and can be done in just a few minutes. Once your selected module is up and running, you can instantly access live surveillance footage through our platform.

Our mobile security dashboard is sleek, intuitive, and smart. The platform allows for detection of heat movements, management of analytics, adjustment of camera views, control of alerts, and even tweaking of the device’s sound and lighting elements. Simply log in from any device with internet connectivity, and you’re good to go.

Enjoy features like data retention, customized setups, and regular system health reviews. The mobile security system lets you customize your analytics while ensuring your units operate at their best.

24/7 Live View Surveillance

Using a live camera is comparable to employing a private security guard, but with greater efficacy. Our cameras are always on the watch, stay alert continuously, and immediately inform you and the police when an alarm is triggered.

Whether you’re securing a chain of retail stores or city properties, our mobile security trailers offer the strong defense required for both staff and assets. Get in touch with our security experts in Los Angeles, CA today to discover our customized protection offerings.

While conventional security cameras depend significantly on adequate lighting to produce useful footage, spotting a well-hidden trespasser might still pose challenges. Cutting-edge low-light methods, such as thermal imaging and infrared, overcome these hurdles.

Using thermal and infrared (IR) cameras ensures that no security threats go unnoticed. Stay ahead of potential security incidents with LiveView Technologies’ superior low-light functionalities.

Mobile security cameras in as little as 30 minutes

Why grapple with complicated setups and intricate monitoring platforms? Our dependable mobile surveillance units simplify the task of securing your assets. These surveillance trailers prioritize ease of use, guaranteeing uninterrupted asset safety.

  • Installation in less than 30 minutes
  • No requirement for wires, power, or online connection
  • Remote access anytime, from any location

Secure your work location with our premium gear and oversee all aspects smoothly through our sophisticated surveillance software. Delve into the features of the mobile security trailer, providing you remote access to live footage, camera angles, and all connected devices.

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